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A termite infestation can go unseen under your home as these subterranean invaders slowly eat away at the structural integrity of your home. Often termite issues are only found after expensive and headache inducing damage has already been done. Once this infestation and damage has reached critical levels you will be looking at a highly a difficult job of injecting pesticide into the ground and drilling through the concrete slab or foundation to access the dirt beneath for treatment. These treatments are not only expensive but require a lot of time and expertise to protect groundwater and the environment from the liquid pesticides.


At Empire Pest Control we offer the latest technology in termite monitoring and prevention to maximize protection and minimize harmful effects to the environment. We can help detect and eliminate termite issues before they start by installing contained termite bait stations around the perimeter of your home. These stations use a combination bait and pesticide within a fully contained cartridge. When termites are in the vicinity they will be attracted to and consume this bait, spreading it through the colony and eliminating it. This approach not only gives you a proactive program that prevents termite damage before it starts, but gives you the peace of mind that no toxic liquids have been introduce to the sensitive ground water around your home.


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