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The current warming trend is a good reminder that ticks will soon be active on the trails and around your yard. As soon as the last of winter’s snows have passed ticks will begin to emerge. Ticks live and breed in leaf and brush litter, so when doing your spring cleanups it’s a good idea to clear brush and leaves away from the perimeter of your yard and outdoor living areas. This helps create a physical barrier that can reduce the number of ticks making it into your yard. Then it’s time to give the experts at Empire Pest Control a  call to start your tick treatments! We offer conventional and organic treatments to that kill and reduce ticks and mosquitoes around your yard and outdoor spaces that are safe and effective. With Empire Pest Control you can be assured your yard treatments are done by a licensed pest control technician. All of our techs are fully licensed and trained in structural pest control as well as tick and mosquito control, giving you the peace of mind that applications are done safely and effectively. It’s also important to maintain treatments year over year as ticks go through a 2-year life cycle into breeding adults.